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Existen frases de uso cotidiano difíciles de encontrar en los diccionarios y que se hallan todos los días en los métodos de inglés, las noticias, en documentos legales, en las etiquetas de medicinas, en la televisión, en la radio,y hasta en volantes de supermercado y tiendas de ropa o tickets de cine. En Inglés in English las pone en tus manos.

La frase que no sabes decir en inglés, que no consigues o que no se te ha ocurrido buscar, apréndela aquí sin esfuerzo ya que la puedes expresar con dos o más palabras que tú ya conoces desde las primeras etapas de tu aprendizaje.

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martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Contribuir para comprar algo entre varias personas.

To chip in (AmE) (informal)

To have a whip-round (BrE) (informal).

Let's chip in and buy a crate of beer.

In Dictionaries:

"They each chipped in $50 to take their parents out to dinner."
Cambridge Dictionary Online.

"We all chipped in and bought flowers for the secretaries."
Merriam Webster

"If everyone chips in, we'll be able to buy her a nice leaving present."
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

On TV:

In News:

"They all chipped in for food and kept it quiet for the most part, Mark said."
The Star Phoenix.

"It is always moving to see football rally around one of its own, like the family having a whip round to buy Charlie a chocolate bar for his birthday."
The Telagraph UK.

"AT A meeting of the national executive committee of the SNP at the end of last week, party figures joked about whether to have a whip-round to help pay for a plane ticket for David Cameron to Scotland, in the hope of getting him up here soon."
Scotland on Sunday.

"“I have a little goatee beard and everybody had a whip-round in the pub to get me to shave it off as well,” said Mr Willingham, who works as a tarmacer."
Suffolk Free Press.

Venezuela: hacer una vaca.
España: hacer un escote.


First Published on January 27th 2012.

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Pagar el Noviciado.

To pay one's dues, to pay dues.

"To pay one's dues means to earn a right or position through experience, suffering, or hard work."
Merriam Webster Dictionary.

"This drummer has paid his dues with the best"
Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary.

In Modern Literature:

"On the average, ten years, and it's a hard ten years. It is not unusual for our partners to earn half a million a year, and most retire when they are fifty. You've got to pay your dues, put in eighty-hour weeks, but it's worth it when you make a partner."
The Firm by John Grisam.

"While my brothers and I were paying dues on the so-called "chitlin' circuit," opening for other acts, I carefully watched all the stars because I wanted to learn as much as I could."
Moonwalk by Michael Jackson.


domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Declarar Desierto (un premio)

To declare an award void.

The award for best performance was declared void this year.

On Websites:

"The jury shall reach its decision by a simply majority. The jury shall have the right to declare the award void and its decision shall in no event be open to appeal. "
BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards.

"In the event that the winner, after 30 calendar days from receiving the notification email, has not replied to the email, the corresponding prize shall be declared void."


miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2012

Entregarse a la Policía.

To give onself up (to the police).

He decided to give himself up.

In News:

"Doan Van Quy, (born 1966) the younger brother of Doan Van Vuon, gave himself up to the Investigation Police in the northern province of Hai Phong, admitting that he had indeed shot at the 6 police officers on January 5 who were on mission to take forceful possession of 50 hectares of Vuon’s land."

Police blocked off the area for nearly two hours while they tried to convince the man to give himself up."
WREG (Memphis, USA)

viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Centro de Votación.

Polling center, polling station, polling place.

Before voting, you have to find your polling station / polling center/ polling place on the web.

In Government Publications:

"Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks must arrive at the polling station not later than 6.30am. Make sure sufficient time is allowed to get to the polling station – do not be late."
Handbook for polling station staff Supporting a UK Parliamentary election.

In News:

"A map with the boundaries and new polling places is posted on the city’s website, It will be in the city’s newsletters and on cable Channel 16. It’s been posted on Facebook, and Muller will have maps available this summer at the city’s booth during the farmer’s markets. "
The Independent UK.

“Even though they haven’t moved anywhere, it’s (a voter’s) polling location that’s moved,”
The Independent UK.

CLICK HERE to find the polling station where you will vote in opposition primary elections in Venezuela.

Foto: Man vyi.

martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Junta Militar,

Military Junta.

The military junta has/have today broadcast an appeal for calm.
Cambridge Dictionary Online.

In News:

"Protesters in more than 20 cities worldwide are preparing to take action against Egypt's military junta, as part of a global day of solidarity to "defend the Egyptian revolution"."

The Guardian UK.

"The meeting will mark an important foray on the global stage by the government eight months after it replaced a long-ruling military junta."


jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

Ponerse las pilas, ponerse a trabajar duro.

To buckle down.

He'll have to buckle down (to his work) soon if he wants to pass these exams.
Cambridge Dictionary Online.

In Educational materials:

If Don buckles down now, he might be able to graduate from high school this year.
Speak English like an American by Amy Gillett.

In News

"Coach Woodley says the Bearcats will enter Pershing Arena ready to launch the three and his team will need to buckle down on defense"
Heartland Connection.

buckle down for last days of school."
The Daily Helmsman.